Did that really happen?

Fun English language teaching resources. CEF language level: B2 (unless indicated)

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Raining Cows
Golf Kangaroo
Bear Hug
Stupid Parrot?
Cat in a Bag
Pet Passport
Please remove your leg, sir


Larry's Flying Chair
Flying Monkey
Fastest wheelchair?
Lucky Escape
Crash Landing


A Thief Regrets?
Cow Crime
Call Me!
Lucky Break
Cigar Fires
Doctor Who?
Wrong Number
Hidden Money

Mad World

$54 Millon Trousers
This Bridegroom? (free folder of activities)
Spaghetti Trees?
Left-Handed Burgers?
Gravity Loss
How many nights?
Lightning Strikes
Elvis Lives
April Fool

Some of these stories are true. Some are partly true. Some are not true at all.

Strange News Teaching Pack
Fun stories for English language learners. Includes printable graded texts, audio links, worksheets, interactive activities & teaching notes.

Kieran McGovern has been described as being 'amongst the best writers of language learner materials in English’ He has written over twenty graded readers & provides online ELT teaching resources.

Wonderful materials for English language learners!!

Ms Fann, ESL teacher, Nashville, USA